Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leading the industry in Plus Size Photography

I've been photographing people and brides of all sizes for sixteen years now...  my focus has always been on getting you at the right angle and the little lightbulb just recently went on, telling me that I should make a point of sharing this specialty.  It started when I caught my daughter watching a 'Say Yes To The Dress' television episode about Plus Size Bridal Gowns.  That made me wonder if there were any photographers that specialized in Plus Sized Photography, so I googled and really didn't see anything but I didn't know how to go about it, so I thought on it for a few days when I got a phone call from a bride who inspired me.  She'd just recently done an engagement shoot with a photographer who had some great equipment and a good portfolio, but didn't have the eye that I do for photographing someone who is plus sized.  I re-shot their engagement pictures and all the while realized I had found my niche.  Instead of competing with the tens of hundreds and thousands of people who shoot environmental and photojournalistic style photography, my specialty is that I know how to finesse the shot to capture the person from their best angle.  What normal person couldn't benefit from just a little direction?!  So I'm here to say that I've got your back, literally...  I'm here for those of you who hate having your pictures taken, come have a session with me and give me a chance to change your mind!  You might come away with the best pictures you've ever taken... if not ever, at least this year ;)


  1. I would be great to see your lovely plus size photography works.

  2. This is so great! Too bad you are so far away!~ I just hired a photographer to take pictures of my husband and I in Kauai in June and all the sudden my excitement turned to nervousness. Would this photographer know how to make me look my best? I had five kids in 8 years and just now finally starting to be able to focus on me and getting my body back. I appreciate your comment about finding your niche rather than competing with all those other photographers out there. I've grown up around photography and it really stuck with me. I feel I have a talent for posing...but I've never really tried my hand at plus size. Great for you to help so many women (particularly) feel beautiful and special!