Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kelly's engagement, her words.

I have been a professional hair and make up artist for 20 years. I have always been behind the camera with an occasional behind the scenes snap. I have wanted to cry. Nothing like standing next to a model to loose all esteem. Donna took my engagement photos which were speechless and took photos of just me. WOW. Man I didn't hide from ...the snapshots then. She made me feel as beautiful as all the models I have worked with over the years. Not only did the esteem come at the perfect time, but meeting her as a professional and now as a friend. Amazingly talented professional. Maybe we can do it again one day. Thank you Donna.
and from Donna....  stolen again from her facebook posting to me.  you can see that and all the other posts that she made about our sessions on my facebook plus size photography page. 
Here is the composite that I designed for them to use as a save the date card...

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