Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nicole, doing the talking for me.

If you are checking out this page because you are plus size and need someone who specializes in Plus Size Photography....please take my word for it...stop looking and just call Donna and book your appointment...you WON'T be sorry. I've got 4 children (2,3,6 & 8) and they are my life. That being said I'm also a plus size woman and don'...t normally feel "pretty" on a regualar basis. I've also got a tendency to be behind the camera as a mom and might even "hide" behind it too. Well, that ALL changed yesterday when I had the honor of sitting for Donna and her Plus Size campaign. I have never (and I really mean that) felt so pretty in my life. My wedding photos were taken when I was much smaller and even then it was very routine and very plain. Pose, shoot, pose shoot...you know the type. NOT with Donna. She took the time to find the best angle, straighten my arms, position my neck just right, catch the sun behind my hair, even corrected a not-so-flattering wrinkle in my shirt...I could go on and on.  After the first couple of shots, she showed me the pictures on her camera and I had to hold back tears not wanting to ruin my make-up. I never knew (until she got a hold of me) that I could look so beautiful. I never saw myself look so pretty. It seemed that my she was not only taking pictures of me, but also my soul.  I LOVE these pictures and I'm so proud of them. I've never before wanted to show off pictures of myself, but today, I want to show the world. Thank you Donna...you've refueled my self-esteem and confidence and that my friend is priceless. You are awesome at what you do and you MUST keep doing it!!! You're the Plus Size Picturetaking Angel!!!!!!!

note from Donna... this was copied verbatim from my facebook photography page.  Thank you Nicole for making me feel so good about my job!

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  1. Gorgeous lady! and so fashionable too.
    Where do you shop for plus size clothes? you look so elegant.